How I Work – Høier Bookkeeping

Offers consultation for individuals or businesses


Services That Make Sense

For many, when they hear the word “bookkeeping” their eyes glaze over! Mine light up! I love helping individuals and businesses with their financial well being. Bookkeeping covers many financial aspects, both personally and for a business. Financial growth will only happen when you accurately and diligently manage your money.



Go from Cluttered to Clear

For many, the act or process of organizing causes great distress. Whether it’s organizing your financials, office, home, garage, etc. it’s easy to push it aside and ignore it. The problem is… it will only become more unorganized! I love the challenge of organizing anything and everything! De-stress your life and let me handle your organizing needs.


We Won't Break the Bank

The money you save in poor budgeting, uncollected receivables and paying your accountant to do what a bookkeeper should be doing is more than enough to pay for bookkeeping services! You’ll know well in advance what you’ll be investing in my services. I offer a free initial consultation too!


Reach out to me today to learn more about my affordable bookkeeping and/or organizational services and to schedule your free initial consultation.